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The Great Codex
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It is the aim of Ratcatchers to enable every member to achieve maximum enjoyment of GW2 with the help and company of other like minded players. We all have busy lives and through the use of these forums, the calendar and by remaining active participants in guild chat we can make the most of our game time. Hooking up with other Ratcatchers for events, dungeons, WvW parties and more...

Ratcatchers is a relaxed guild, whilst there are no obligations for membership in terms of game time or obligatory events, all members must remain respectful to other players both in the game and on the website. Any derogatory or inflammatory behaviour towards others is simply not acceptable and will be met with suitable action.

We welcome new players, in fact Ratcatchers was made by us as new players, and we're all still learning. A central focus of our guild is the notion that we play GW2 as a shared game, not in isolation. GW2 has an excellent scaling system and you will find other members happy to group with and help you at any level of play. Never be afraid to ask for any kind of help in guild chat, it's what it's there for.

Lastly, not only do we take part in all aspects of gameplay (PvE, PvP, WvW, Exploration and Crafting) we are also a light RP guild. There is a rich background story to the guild and players are urged to integrate their own character's stories with this. Though RP is currently spontaneous and often only occurs briefly in guild chat, in the future we'd like to organise roleplaying events.

Remember, we are here to socialise, have fun and enjoy the game. Don't let anything get in the way of that.

Unseen, Unsung... Unwashed!
(The Noble Order of Ratcatchers motto)
Guild News

New article about levelling in my personal Blog

Bregader, May 31, 13 10:08 AM.
Hi Rat'S I wrote a little article about levelling, some tipps maked from my own experinece. Comments and critics to make it better are welcome. ;)

Unseen... Unsug...Unwashed.... RATCATCHERS!


Living Story Dungeon

Lowlight Jinx, May 9, 13 7:52 AM.
Let's try and crack the Weapons Testing Facility before the Living Story wraps up!

About the new Rank "Big Cheese"

Bregader, Apr 27, 13 8:45 AM.
Hello Ratcatchers,
a few weeks ago I had the ide to mske communication easier for us all. Especially if we need mebers for Dungeons like CoF (Citadel of Flames) or for events isn't the easiest way to use lfg. com. ABout this reason Jin and I decided to make a new Rank. Its a representative rank for members of other guilds. This rank gives us the chance to invite members of other guilds to us. But this rank gives the invited members the chance to go on with representing theyr own guild. But we can see if they are on, so we can make fast contact if we need help. Try to invent other members which are always havve a guild. Often not enough of us on if anyone needs help. So we need a good communication and a easy way to help each other, the new rank should help us in this. Members who have this rank, mostly not represent our guild, but they can decide to join us full and get real member if they want. Press G to see who is on, members with the Title "Big Cheese" you must whisper to them all members with this title are members which I invated from my second guild, so u can be sure that they help if they can and have nothing other to do. 

Voice Chat

Lowlight Jinx, Apr 4, 13 9:34 PM.
We now have an official Voice Chat channel through Raid Call!!!
Consult forums for details of how to join...

Question for help

Bregader, Apr 1, 13 5:34 AM.
Hello Ratcatchers,

Kepano and me eed your help next time....
We want to make the lvl 80 last Story part, ist a dungeon, fight against Zaithan.
Would be nice if we can make it together, maybe this evening? Or the next day,
sorry again Kepano, wasn't on at Weekend, because I was very busy with the easterfestival :D :(
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